Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Applications EPS, New Terios More Save Fuel 6 Percent?

At the launch event in New Daihatsu Terios in Gunung Putri Bogor today, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) explains, that many of the advantages possessed by this car than his brother. Among the most striking is the more economical fuel by 6 per cent. Hmm, the ADM claims that this car is applying the new power steering system, called the Electronic Power Steering, or EPS.

Ah, the cook still just wrote an application EPS can save more money in fuel that much bigger? yup that's the data provided by PT ADM at a press conference late this morning (05/10). But further Pradipto Sugondo ADM as head of product development explains, that many are affected, including labor EPS system itself.

"This EPS system works in a unique way, namely taking the source of electrical power generated by the machine. If the first hydraulic power steering took power generated by the machine, so the engine work a little bit heavy. Now by utilizing the resources generated by the engine power , the workload of machine can be somewhat reduced, although portions are small enough, "said Pradipto.

Not only that, some of the applications contained in the latest generation Terios is, considered to fulfill the 6 percent level keiritan bbmnya consumption than previous versions. Among them is the application of a smaller air conditioning compressor, and a slower AC panel lights up, making air conditioning work lighter.

The application of foam rubber heat insulation on the hood, put a halt to air penas function that comes out the radiator to the engine. Applications suspension system that makes the vehicle load can be muted better, also became one of the supporting factors. "To the front, our suspension settings to make better software, for reduction in engine better, and the back is made more linear, so that passengers continue to feel comfortable," added Pradipto later.

So not only EPS applications that make this car so leibh economical. But also a combination of several changes made by PT ADM on this car.

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