Friday, March 25, 2011

Mitsubishi i-MiEV become the Official Vehicles Singapore Government

SINGAPORE - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation ( MMC ) and distributors in Singapore, namely Cycle & Carriage Automotive ( CCA ) is rumored to have signed an agreement to popularize electric vehicles in government circles.

In this agreement states that the MMC and the CCA will provide as many as 25 units of Mitsubishi i - MiEVs the Economic Development Board of Singapore, including Singapore's Energy Market Authority and the Land Transport Authority.

The object of this agreement is to establish electric vehicle charging infrastructure and evaluate the cost benefits of EVs to be adopted in the future. " We are very pleased to welcome Mitsubishi Motors as the largest supplier of EV EV first in a test program in Singapore, " says Leo Yip, Chairman of the Board, the Singapore Economic Development, As reported by the autoevolution, Monday ( 22/11 ).

" This will be an excellent example of how Singapore was also present as a ' Living Laboratory ' for the producers, suppliers of equipment and players to explore the EV components of development activities in Singapore. We see opportunities in areas such as battery management systems, power electronics and electric drive systems., " he continued.

" MMC is proud to be part of the EV - test bed in Singapore, and we believe that Singapore is an ideal market for EVs. Working closely with the Singapore government and Cycle & Carriage Automotive, we want to evaluate the performance of i - MiEV under conditions in Singapore and also promote the attractiveness of EV for Singaporeans, " said Mr. Osamu Masuko, President of Mitsubishi Motors.

I - MiEV is currently sold in Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.

For the year 2012, i - MiEV will present using power system consisting of permanent magnet synchronous motor electric and lithium- ion battery consisting of 88 cells with a maximum battery capacity by 16 kWh. The charging time of battery lasts within a short enough time, because to really full hanaya it took about 8 hours at 220V powered sources and 16 hours at 110V. ( autos.okezone )

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