Friday, October 8, 2010

Audi-Bentley Develop V8 Engine 4000 cc

Ingolstadt - Audi AG and Bentley reportedly cooperate 4000 cc V8 engine develops a claimed fuel economy and low emissions. The plan, the machine will be used Bentley Continental GT facelift version which was launched late 2011 and is one variant of the Audi RS.

As reported by, Saturday ( 9 / 10 ), the two companies claim the machines made ​​by the results of their fuel economy and low emissions. "The engines that will reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent compared to W12 engine that is now used Bentley Continental, "said Audi's press statement.

Each company claims will offer a different character of the engine in their products. Bentley for example, mention will offer high torque levels in products that will use the machine.

" We will adjust ( 4000 cc V8 engine ) is to develop the characters driving the Bentley, "says Brian Gush, Director of Chassis and Powertrain Bentley.

However, both Audi and Bentley did not explain whether the machine will use labor induction or not. They are only saying it is not a conventional engine design.

Audi AG is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG ( VW ). While the Bentley is a British car manufacturer that most shares are now controlled by VW.

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