Friday, October 8, 2010

Bentley Make V8 engine Together with Audi

London - Wonder what would happen if the two luxury car manufacturer in Europe joined forces to create a new machine that will be pinned on their super cars?

Yes, a British manufacturer Bentley will cooperate with the German manufacturer Audi equally configured to develop the new V8 engine to be embedded on their latest cars.

Bentley will embed the new engine on the Continental GT by the end of next year, while Audi will also be pinned on the plots with Bentley's engine is on the high -performance cars.

Besides V8 configuration, the engine capacity will be 4.0 liter direct -injection, is expected to be more economical fuel and emissions will be lower 40 percent of the W12 engine that is usually used Bentley.

" We are adapting to the character of driving a new Bentley, which will offer more torque at the bottom to the middle rounds, " said Bentley 's Director of Chassis and Powertrain, Brian Gush, as reported by Whatcar, Saturday ( 09/10/2010 ).

Energy intake, further Gush, can be derived from the turbocharger or of any kind, a clear layout in the engine room will not be conventional.

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