Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ferrari Hele Low CO2 Emissions Technology

TEMPO Interactive, the Paris-fast super cars such as Ferrari, wasteful of fuel and high-producing pollutants? That was then. Ferrari has proved that in the mat Paris Auto Show 2010 which took place September 30 to October 17.

As reported by, on Sunday (3 / 10), besides bringing a limited edition Ferrari model Aperta SA newest generation of phenomenal, the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari California exhibit Hele. As with SA Aperta, California Hele also membetot attention of visitors.

Understandably. The car is capable of racing up to 309 kilometers per hour (kpj) and accelerates the speed of 000-100 kpj in just 4 seconds, it claims is much more fuel efficient and low emissions thanks to technology Hele Emition Low or High Emotion.

Indeed, this technology is like technology Start / Stop which has been known for this. Technology that turns off the engine when the car stopped in the middle of a traffic jam or stop at traffic lights when the car mengisyratkan must stop.

However, now that technology has been enhanced by adding new devices in some parts. Fuel pump for example, incorporating intelligent control tool that is able to regulate the system work correctly and accurately in accordance with the driver's driving style. So even with penyeguk compressor room (air conditioning), engine fan, and the gearshift mechanism.

Thanks to technology, the Star / Stop just called Hele, the process of the engine (start) or otherwise turn it off now in just 270 milliseconds. Previously, the procedure took place there in 700 milliseconds.

Ferrari admit, the estuary of all the changes that the reduction in CO2 emissions as well as the level of fuel consumption. "The reason is, with low fuel consumption automatically generated emissions are also shrinking," I Ferrari.

California emission levels using the Hele only 270 grams per kilometer (km), before 299 grams per km. "The decline is equivalent to 23 percent," I was as reported by the manufacturer

Interestingly, the technology turned out to also increase engine torque by 25 Newton meters. Only, the Italian car manufacturers do not mention what level of fuel consumption Hele California after using it.

Ferrari Ferrari's claim began to market model that uses a Hele's California in November with the official price of £ 144,690 or approximately USD 2.08 billion.

California is still bearing the 4300 cc petrol engine, V8 is equipped devices DCT seven-speed transmission. This car uses two rear-wheel drive system.

translated from kompas via google translator