Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rotary-engine Super Cars from Germany

Specialty Car Marque Rotary Supers of Germany is said to have created the RSC Raptor GT, which claimed as super cars are slightly different from the others.

Super car body, mostly of fiberglass and carbon fiber and has a high-tech features, called Variable Aerodynamic System. These features can be adapted to the nature of the aerodynamics of the car in order to create more downforce at high speeds.

However, unique, vehicle use four rotary engine built specifically. As is known, dalah rotary engine which is identical to the Mazda tight.

Raptor GT will be sold by various spec variants, namely GT S, RS, RSR and the last N - spec. Depending on model, engine configuration varies quite like using a turbo or bi - turbo system.

As reported by worldcarfans on Saturday (09/10/2010), this engine will be incorporated into the 8- speed transmission RSC R - Shift with hydraulic shift mechanism that makes gear change only takes 25 to 35 milliseconds.

Output power that comes out of these machines range from 500 PS ( 368 kW) 2.6 liter engine 4 - rotor, while the 800 PS ( 588 kW) engine and the most powerful turbo -powered 1200 PS ( 883 kW ), resulting from the machine configured twin turbo.

GT Raptor is also equipped with active suspension system, a carbon- aluminum drive shaft and differential electronic double.

On the inside, there are two 7- inch display screen for data from the car, including the arrangements for vehicle electronic systems as well as pressure and temperature indicators. There are also 5 - inch tachometer with digital shift indicator and shift light. Source:

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