Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Proton Kencani Puteri Indonesia

Jakarta - Malaysian carmaker, Proton has just the arrival of special guests. Their dealership located in the area of ​​Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, the arrival of dozens of beautiful women.

Who are they? " They were finalists Puteri Indonesia. There are 38 people.
Beautiful, yes, " said President Director of PT Proton Edar Indonesia Ricky HK Too on the sidelines of a welcoming ceremony on Wednesday ( 10/06/2010 ).

In the ' dating ' a short between Proton and finalists in the Miss Indonesia Malaysia car dealership, the 38 finalists of Miss Indonesia 2010 it was given little explanation about the history and progress of innovation that has been achieved Proton. Everything looks enthusiastic.

Apart from giving a ' lecture 'short, do not forget to allow the daughter of Proton is to test one of the Proton Proton cars Exora. Uniquely, this car is also a vehicle ' official ' Miss Indonesia 2010, which was elected for a full year.

" Previously only hear - hear it, but when have tried it, it turns out Proton Exora nice too, "said Kalia Labitta Yudhasoka which is a finalist from West Java when asked about the sensation of driving after Exora.

And the neighboring country of origin car manufacturer that has since Indonesia invaded in 2007 it was not just going to let the finalists are dreaming to get Exora.

Due to the winner Miss Indonesia 2010, there is a car that will give to accompany them during his tenure as Puteri Indonesia. Proton also provides the Miss Indonesia is discounted down payment of Rp 5 million for the purchase of Proton.

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