Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday, Mercedes Benz Deploying Racing

Commemorating the 40th anniversary, Mercedes- Benz Indonesia plans to hold a Class C race car or CCTC Touring Championship at the Sentul International Circuit, Bogor Regency, West Java. Thus expressed Rudi Borgenheimer, President of MBI in Jakarta on Tuesday ( 5 / 10 ).

In a news conference, said the series premiere CCTC Borgenheimer From 8 October to next July will be attended by 20 participants, some of which are top national caliber racer. The plan, participants will take six championship series using the new Mercedes C 200 Compressor type or type C 200 CGI.

According Borgenheimer, the race will be presenting exciting spectacle. Therefore, participants are not allowed to modify the engine. So, all the drivers rely on their ability. " The match will take place exclaimed, with rules that look real ability of participants, " said Borgenheimer.

President of the MBI was added, the two cars have the same cylinder engine. Ie, 1799 cc and power of 184 horsepower. The difference, Mercedes C 200 CGI engine can produce the acceleration of the wheels or as much as 520 rpm. While the C 200 Compressor produces 5500 rpm. " Both have the same privileges, decisive victory of the race depends on the driver, " added Borgenheimer. Otomotif.Liputan6

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