Monday, October 4, 2010

Volvo will produce C30 DRIVe Electric Version in 2012

Paris: Swedish carmaker, Volvo C30 Volvo announced it would produce electric drive version in 2011. However, the manufacturer confirms it will do the assessment to the corporate customers of C30 -powered stun it before launch.

" We're not in a hurry. We need entries from among corporate customers before offering it ( C30 DRIVE electricity ) to a broader consumer, " said Stefan Jacoby, Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) Volvo carpet while attending the Paris Auto Show 2010, as reported Themotorreport, Monday ( 4 / 10 ).

C30 stun power source is stored in a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 24 kilo watt hours ( KWh ). Batteries are installed in the hallway former fuel tank ( which was originally used conventional C30 version ).

When the battery is fully charged, Jacoby said, will bring the car to travel 150 kilometers without stopping. Charging the battery is fairly easy, because it can use household electrical installations 230 volts with a charging time of eight hours.

Despite the powerful stun, but the car is claimed to have no less acceleration capability with conventional -engined car. Volvo calls, acceleration from rest (0km/h/kpj) to a speed of 100 kpj achieved only in less than 11 seconds.

"Even the electricity DRIVE C30 is capable of racing up to 130 kpj".
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