Wednesday, October 6, 2010

VW Launched Golf Cheap Version

Wolfsburg - Car manufacturer Volkswagen has a VW Golf which has become one of their flagship weapon for a long time. And now it seems the German company wanted to expand the Golf in the world market with cheap models out of the Golf.

This car will be named with the VW Golf Twist and will take the base of the series which is the cheapest Golf VW Golf S type which currently sell for around 14,880 pounds, or around Rp 211 million in Europe there.

Well, as reported by Autoexpress, Thursday ( 10/07/2010 ) though will be the cheapest VW Golf series, but VW turned out many new features in the car pinned Golf anyarnya this entry level.

Due to boost sales of the VW Golf Twist, the manufacturer who was one of the world's biggest car manufacturers are even adding a few accessories in Golf Twist ranging from extra body kit, new 16-inch alloy rims to the latest stereo system they also pinned.

In addition, the Golf Twist even cheaper than the Golf S. Because for three- door Golf Twist, VW sold just 12,995 pounds (about USD 183 million ) and 13,580 pounds ($ 192 million for the five- door Golf Twist.

As for the engine is behind, VW still entrust powered engine with 79 bhp 1.4-liter capacity that carried his brothers.

Because the engine that will support a six-speed manual transmission is considered to have qualified and can go from 0-100 km per hour just in 13.9 seconds, with peak speeds up to 172 km per hour.

Even so, the Golf Twist remains fuel efficient because it only requires 1 liter of fuel to run 18.7 miles or kilometers per liter 1:18,7.

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