Friday, December 31, 2010

Hino Motors Develops New Hybrid Technology

Tokyo - Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer, Hino Motors Ltd., has developed new technologies to improve truck fuel efficiency levels of small-sized products. The technology named the new hybrid system is claimed to save fuel by 50 percent
"Operational costs (using technology) to be low, cost savings thanks to fuel efficiency, it is equivalent to operating costs after three to five years," said Yoshio Shirai, President of Hino, as reported and cited, Tuesday (30/11).
Hino said the technology has been tested with the mounted on the Hino Dutro Hybrid truck. Small truck that uses a new engine and transmission devices.
Interestingly, the clutch in the transmission device is positioned between the conventional engine and electric motor. The position that allows the truck to walk only by using the electric motor.
Thanks to technology, the trucks made by Hino which weighs 2 tons have traveled a distance of 15 miles with only one liter of fuel. "Fuel consumption is 20-30 percent more efficient than ordinary hybrid truck technology," Hino me.
About the price of the new tech truck, Hino has not been willing to mention it. Because the vehicle is launched next summer.
Until now the manufacturer of the uterus to improve it. Several prototypes were sent to several companies, among others, Sagawa Express Co., Yamata Transport Co., and Ito En Ltd.. The goal, to be tested for wear and pengggunaan materials used for the operations of the company noted.
The data that will be used as reference by Hino to improve the control technology in order to improve fuel consumption keiritan.

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