Friday, December 31, 2010

Tape dan TV Mobil Tidak Mau Menyala

Hallo, I want to ask about my car tape. Lights on tape and my TV is on (stand by), but if I push the button powernya why not fire you?
First have to wait until the beep sounds, new powernya button lights up when squeezed.
Now although the lights realized (stand by) but did not want to push the button powernya On.
And now it does not beep anymore despite long awaited. That's roughly why yes?
Is there a loose cable? But the lights on the TV and tape on (stand by). It's just not on when push the power button.
help me Please ..

Too bad you do not specify the brand, type and kind of head unit, because the head unit currently does not have to always press the power button will light it at the time.
When the vehicle ignition is positioned on, simply inserting the CD or pressing the tuner automatically he will do his duty.
Do you have a remote head unit? if there is, try to restart by using the remote, as they may be the power button on your head unit has been damaged.
As long as there are signs of life on the head unit in the form of stand-by light is lit, the power connection there is no problem, but may try checking the cable connection from the high output speakers head units do not let anyone touch with each other let alone together because the vehicle body can also cause damage.
You also can do a hard reset on the head unit, just press it a few seconds and the head unit will return to the factory defaults.
If still not successful, then your head unit is destroyed, the last step you have to do is to visit the service center.

Best Regards,
Agung M. Hassan
GM & Managing Editor Otostereo Magazine Indonesia

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