Saturday, January 1, 2011

Car Color Trends 2011

Jakarta - Prediction of cars color in 2011. What color trend will be the most next year?
As quoted from detikoto. As mentioned by workshop owners d'Otto Body Paint Power, Rudi Agus, black and silver color remains unshaken, followed by white color.

"For the next 2011 years will likely still be dominated by black, silver. But there is the possibility of white color will participate to make it more colorful," he said when contacted detikOto, Friday (12/31/2010).

Other colors according to him only as a complement. "As for the black, silver and white colors treatment is much easier, because these days have started the crisis and have to manage their finances as well," says this man.

Also, if viewed from the many manufacturers that still produce the third color.

"Untuk warna putih di tahun 2011, tidak hanya putih mencolok secara menyeluruh, tetapi putihnya agak seperti putih mutiara apabila sinar matahari mengenai bodi mobil," ujarnya.

Chameleon Color will still be happy to modify their favorite car.

"Chameleon colors for the coming year will still be there. But the difference with two or three years later, the color of a chameleon which will come out in 2011 will not be much running, like the red color changed to orange, orange changes to yellow," he added.

So basically the black color will be widely used for the upper class cars. As for the silver car would be used among the medium class. And for the white color will be dominated usage small cars.

"Because if a small car using the black color will be like a bug,," he said with a laugh.

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