Friday, March 25, 2011

Mercedes GLK Diesel for U.S. Market

Good news for fans of SUVs on the American mainland. Those who had been longing for a fuel efficient SUV, now Mercedes will soon realize it by introducing a more economical GLK.

Meanwhile, most manufacturers are considering the hybrid and electric vehicles, the Mercedes instead is considering a diesel version of the GLK crossover to the U.S. market.

Mercedes - Benz USA CEO Ernst Lieb, said in an interview to wardsauto, that indeed the U.S. market will see a diesel version, as an attractive vehicle in 2012.

The new GLK will use the engine capacity of 2200 cc four- cylinder is also likely to be used by the C-class next generation.

Mercedes plans to bring diesel powerplants unlikely to stop there, because there will be E - Class, ML, GL and R - Class BlueTEC version.

With such big plans, you can bet that Mercedes has big plans to grab market diesel engines in the U.S.. "Overall, our goal is to seize positions in the range of 15 % to 20 % in the U.S. market, " said Ernst Lieb. " And we're slowly growing, " he continued.

GLK 220 CDI Blue Efficiency is available now in Europe has a power of 170 hp at 3200 rpm and 400 Nm of torque starting as high as 1400 rpm engine speed.

With such power, enough to make the GLK reach top speed to 205 km / h, and can sprint from 0 to 100 km / h sprint in 8.8 seconds.

GLK is a compact luxury crossover, which was released in 2009 in Europe and 2010 in North America, following the first public debut in front of the mat Beijing Auto Show 2008 with its competitors, Q5.

SUV model was built in Bremen, Germany, and is the first Mercedes SUV will be built at the plant. (

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