Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wow, 102 for this year Grandma Can Still Speeding with Rossi's Motor

102 for this year Grandma Can Still Speeding with Rossi's Motor? Although already over 100 years, Hilda still can raiding Yamaha Super Motor.
102-year-old grandmother  gush Rossi's motorcycle-yamaha yzf r1
ENGLAND, - you may not believe it, but here's the proof. Hilda Wright, a 102-year-old grandmother, still could gush motorcycle. He was riding a Yamaha YZF-R1 2009 is never used on Valentino Rossi's most prestigious race in England, the Isle of Man TT last year.

The grandmother is making the most crazy sensation that is not much publicized. What is it? He celebrated his birthday by riding 102 years Rossi's Yamaha.

Steve Shaw, son-grandson of Hilda, knowing that her grandmother had a favorite shot on the bike, including when used bike-style racing with Rossi's. Hence, it offers Hilda was riding a motorcycle to commemorate his birthday.

As a result, without thinking, Hilda went straight up in the saddle the former motor "The Doctor" by enjoying every second. Unfortunately, he could not bring back the motor home. Nevertheless, he has brought memories of his life he was doing at the age of very evening.

"It's something different and I got the motor in particular. This is not the usual way for a 102-year-old grandmother celebrate her birthday, even just walking for a while," recalls Shaw cited Mancherster Evenning News, Saturday (21/08/2010).

Maybe there is confusion, how his grandmother gush Valentino Rossi's Yamaha? So, years ago, "The Doctor" was invited along with former world champion Giacoco Agostini to appear at the Isle of Man TT. Both are not a race. They are only around one lap distance was 60.7 km.

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