Saturday, October 9, 2010

Audi Quattro Sedan Production Plan

Ingolstadt: German car manufacturer, Audi is considering producing a limited version of the Quattro sedan concept that was launched at the Paris Auto Show last week. Audi plans to work with a new subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, Italdesign Giugiaro.

Quattro two-seat model will be priced no more than U.S. $139,000, according to a company spokesperson said Audi.

The plan likely to produce a limited edition model was reported by the media Quattro AutoWeek, which shows that Audi may pursue technical tie-ups with his brother, Lamborghini, which is developing expertise in carbon fiber.

Audi Quattro concept car, meant to evoke memories of the original early '80s with two doors and the same name as this. Quattro will be manufactured in smaller and lighter version of the Audi RS5 chassis, with a lightweight body made ​​of aluminum and carbon fiber. This concept is also planned to be equipped with five- cylinder engine turbocharged 2.5- liter 408hp and 354 pound- feet of torque.

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