Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two New Husqvarna Trail Motorcycle

JERMAN- Battered by Kawasaki, Husqvarna not stay silent. Two new models specifically for trail bike off road terrain was prepared.

Two-wheeler company which is under the ownership of this BMW will present 449 and 511 as a model of specialist off -road motorcycles.

Both motors are equipped with engines made ​​by Husqvarna BMW 450X equipped with non - conventional Coaxel Traction System.

But Husqvarna implement new mechanisms in this motor. Manufacturers bensi to move the location of the tank under the seat so that the tank is now located in the center of a motorcycle. Thus was launched from Visordown, Friday ( 08/10/2010 ).

Switching the location of this tank allows weight distribution over the average motorcycle, which in turn gives the rider more freedom to move. Husqvarna has also redesigned the entire framework of motorcycle parts

Affairs of the engine, 449 is claimed capable of producing power 40 bhp thanks to the kitchen runway capacity of 449 cc. While the 511 equipped with 478 cc engine, but the maximum power has not been mentioned.

Motor is expected to be appear carpet premiere in Milan Motor Show. Options tire asphalt in order to make this bike as Husqvarna Supermoto has also been prepared. Source:

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