Friday, October 8, 2010

Gaikindo: Definition of Environmentally Friendly Cars Not yet clear

Local car manufacturers to cost at least U.S. $ 50 million to produce cheap cars like the discourse of government. " The money is just to buy a robot assemblers, machine welding, and painting. yet reached the stage of mass production, " said Chairman of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) MR Sudirman in Jakarta, Friday ( 8 / 10 ).

Sudirman said the amount of investment to make cheap car manufacturers choose to wait for the government's policy stance. He worries the investment will evaporate if the producers go directly without any clarity from government regulation.

" If we talk of new regulations feasible mass production. What can be given by the government, we do not know, "said Sudirman.

Sudirman said, the definition of cheap and environmentally friendly cars ( low cost and green car ) being deliberated the government is not yet clear. He asked the government to invite Gaikindo discussions in formulate regulation cheap car.

Related concept car, F Concept, on display at IIMS 2010, claimed Daihatsu Sudirman no plans to mass produce these cars. He also rejected if called F Concept is a prototype developed by Daihatsu cheap car.

Sudirman rate, Daihatsu plans to boost capacity has not been involved in a car factory for cheap. Even if there are expansion plans, he said, it was done to respond to spikes in demand in the market.

Since last May, said Sudirman, Daihatsu is starting to increase plant capacity to 286 thousand units from the previous 211 thousand units. Funds invested for the project was about Rp 286 billion. With that much capacity, Daihatsu is the largest car manufacturer in Indonesia. Source:

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