Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MPV Suzuki R3 Price Start from Rp140 Million?

NEW DELHI- Blowing the news will soon produce a desire Maruti Suzuki Suzuki R3 in 2012 has indeed been widely heard.

New news mentions, Multi Utility Vehicle ( MUx ) is predicted to be priced at around Rp140 million to Rp180 million. Thus was launched from Motorbeam, Tuesday ( 05/10/2010 ).

Interest in Maruti Suzuki to immediately produce R3 is to take a sizable portion of the pie segment in Indonesia MUx or also known as the MPV ( Multi Purpose Vehicle ).

Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo mastered this family car market, then Tata was also prepared with Aria. Therefore Maruti Suzuki also immediately prepare MUx taken from the base R3 concept car.

" There is more competition than the previous 5 years. They went into MUx segment which is a sign that the range of products in this class more and more widespread, "said Mitra Maruti Suzuki, Rakesh Batra.

Model MUx recently, he said, was developed by Volkswagen ( VW ), specifically for India and will perform prototype testing Dalan next 2-3 months.

Maruti took VW this desire to deliver a car at a price that can be pressed to enter the Indian market which is famous for its warehouse of cheap cars.

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