Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Opel Test Meriva EV-Electric Car with bi-directional Technology

Car News London: Opel is now concentrating on product testing their electric car, EV Meriva. This car is claimed to be able to charge the battery using only outlet in the home -strength 230 volts. The result of filling the same with a special charger 400 volt power.

Opel Meriva EV MeRegioMobil is part of the project, which is being tested to create an electric car tech bi - directional charging.

This means that the existing electrical system at the Meriva EV, can also be integrated on a system called smart electricity grid, to generate electrical energy back. So this car can also save electricity.

" We perform tests on electrical charge using a strong current of less than one hour, and also test the communication protocols between vehicles with electric charging stations, " said Vice President of Engineering Opel, Rita Forst.

MeRegioMobil project aims to offer energy management system of the future. "So the transmission of electrical energy from the car to the network does not run parallel, there are no electric cars like this," said Prof.. Hartmut Schmeck, a spokesman for MeRegioMobil.

Seating capacity of 4 car uses electric -powered kitchen runway 60 kw ( 82 hp ), which can generate 215 Nm of torque. Sources of energy from battery 16 kwh, which can be used to explore as far as 64 km, with a maximum speed of 130 km per hour. (autoevolution)

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