Sunday, October 3, 2010

swissRoomBox, Cars Feels Like Home also

Geneva - Switzerland is famous for goods that full precision. As well as Swiss watches and knives that could be used for various outdoor purposes.

Now for those who like out of town or doing outdoor activities like this one tool fit.

Is swissRoomBox, versatile box that was stuck in the trunk of a car hatchback, or SUV. Versatile, because this box can be turned into a dining table, a place to cook, or a drink and bedding as well.

What is even more strange, this box can be turned into a bathroom. You no longer need hard to find public bathrooms. So if you do not have a car the RV, this tool can help you.

How to set it up was fairly easy, just connect the cable from swissRoomBox to a car battery, then to make it more sturdy pair of hooks on the back of his car. This magic box can be installed or dismantled within 10 minutes.

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