Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tesla Motors Recall 439 Thousand Units Electric Roadster

California - Tesla Motors, manufacturers of electric cars from the United States, on Sunday ( 3 / 10 ), announced it would withdraw its product Roadster 439 units. The reason because cable in certain parts Roadster is problematic and potentially short-circuit and fire.

As reported by, Monday ( 4 / 10 ), Tesla claimed to have received one report that said one 12-volt cable in one of the panel to peel, causing a short circuit. " Shortly thereafter, the cable on the back of the main lights were off some smoke and fire, "a statement Tesla is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, that.

Tesla had contacted the owners of the stun -powered cars that matter the problems in the cable. The manufacturer also said it would send a team of service to your home or office vehicle owners to repair their cars.

Withdrawals made ​​by Tesla Roadster this is the second time. Previously, in 2009, Tesla also has attracted 435 Roadster unit priced at U.S. $ 109 thousand or approximately Rp 981 million.

At that time the reason for withdrawal is a control system ( handling ) a car with problems. This second withdrawal has also been reported to the National Institute of Highway Safety United States ( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA ).

In 2012, Tesla will supply battery for Toyota RAV4 Toyota product that will be transformed as electric car by the collaboration of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) with Tesla Motors. As is known, TMC has purchased Tesla shares worth U.S. $ 50 million or around Rp 460 billion.

BMW also recall 350800 luxury cars

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