Monday, October 4, 2010

VW New Beetle Caught Camera

Detroit - Volkswagen since the beginning of this year is known, is preparing the latest generation of cars that become iconic German brand is, namely the New Beetle.

However, VW's so far have not revealed its official existence, until finally a form of the New Beetle was caught on camera being tested.

From the images obtained when VW is doing the testing, it was obvious that the New Beetle will not be too far away to leave the design of its predecessor generation.

All- rounded design still dominates most of the body of the New Beetle, which was adopted from the VW Ragster concept car.

Shape curve is more flat with the roof, giving the impression that the New Beetle has a more aggressive design, as well as a car about to remove the impression of small. While the front, still not much different from the previous generation Beetle.

Later, the New Beetle will share a platform with the Golf MK VI, which will be supported with engine capacity of 2.5 liter five- cylinder or diesel engine with a capacity of 2.0 liter four- cylinder TDI. Whatever the choice, a source at Volkswagen said the New Beetle will carry a more powerful engine.

As reported by Autoblog, Tuesday ( 10/05/2010 ) New Beetle VW reportedly will be displayed by early next month, along with the title Los Angeles Auto Show, could also Detroit Auto Show or the Geneva Auto Show next.

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