Monday, October 4, 2010

VW Passat Bluemotion breaks record for World's Most Efficient car

Stuttgart: German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) AG, on Monday (4 / 10) announced now holds the rights to the world record, Guinness World Records. Records were obtained after one of VW products, the VW Passat Bluemotion most gres booked to travel as far as 2465 kilometers with 77.25 liters of fuel without refueling again.

"Travelling a distance of 2465 kilometers is equivalent to the journey from London to Malaga or from Los Angeles to New York," said VW's press release as reported by, Monday (4 / 10).

The manufacturer explained, when averaged over the use of fuel shot on the way it is equivalent to 3.13 of fuel to travel 100 kilometers. The driver of that car is a Gavin Conway, a journalist from The Sunday Times.

"Just as the Polo Bluemotion and Glof, Passat also offers aerodynamic modifications, technological Stop / Start, and regenerative recharging batteries. That's what makes it fuel efficient and low emissions," said VW.

Using the latest Passat TDI diesel engine 1600 cc from the beginning claimed as a fuel efficient generation among his brethren in the breed Passat.

Powerful 105 horsepower engine was equipped with modified aerodynamics package Bluemotion, technology Stop / Start, and regenerative recharging batteries.

Technology start-stop function to turn off the engine while at a car stopped for a moment when the traffic light must stop car or when stuck in traffic jams. The technology was also at the same time regulate the intake of fuel into the combustion chamber in an accurate and precise.

As a result more efficient fuel consumption. Along with the low fuel consumption, CO2 emission levels even lower, at only 109 grams per kilometer, or 18 percent lower than the previous generation.

Brand-new Passat is also offered in a choice of scale capacity of other machines, both diesel and gasoline. Diesel engine it is, the powerful 2,000 cc TDI 140 and 170 horsepower.

While the TSI 1400 cc petrol engine-powered 122 horsepower, 1,800 cc TSI-powered 160 horsepower, up to 3600 cc V6 engine that powered 300 horsepower.

All variants are equipped devices and automated manual transmission or a DSG dual clutch. In fact, VW's XDS electronic differential equip it with. TEMPO Interaktif

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