Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Honda Presents-CBR 250R and CBR 150R in Jakarta

Jakarta - As predicted, Honda finally actually bringing their latest motor sport side by side with CBR 250R Honda CBR 150 to the event's Jakarta Motorcycle Show, which officially opened today.
Was predictable, these motors was immediately attracted the attention of visitors JMCS machete that was held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta.
It's nothing, because this bike was already long rumored to be sold in Indonesia. PT Astra Honda Motor was already admitted will be produce and bring in Honda CBR 250R to the ground water especially in the first half of next year.
Honda CBR 250R
Honda CBR 250R
From the looks, the new Honda CBR 250R last week launched in Thailand looks fresh with modern design lines. Honda CBR 250R equipped CS250RE machine, liquid cooled, DOHC 4-stroke and single cylinder which has a net capacity of 249 cc and boreXstroke 76x55 and compression ratio 10.7.
The machine was coupled with 6 speed transmission and Honda's unique injection system, programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI) which makes it environmentally friendly with Euro3 emission standards.
In Thailand there are two types of CBR released with the full-spec version of the standard type which is equipped with ABS features a starting price of 100 thousand Baht or USD 30 million only.
Features ABS braking system which underpins the Honda CBR 250R is itself a feature of ABS which applied in the first 250 cc motorcycle. Typically this feature is widely used in cars or motorcycles with engine capacity greater.
While seconded CBR 150R 150cc engine capacity of 4-valve DOHC 6-speed transmission. Engine temperature is cooler with fan-cooled liquid and electrical.
Motor is also equipped with injection system (PGM FI) for supplying oil into the engine, a more efficient system compared with ordinary carburetor. Honda claims this is the first injection of motor sport in Thailand. For security, disc brakes on both feet installed and integrated with a piston in each caliper.
In Thailand Honda CBR 150 R is called 'True Blood Spirit of Sport' priced at 75,900 Baht or approximately USD 22.6 million.

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