Sunday, November 21, 2010

VW Intend to Produce VW Combi again

Munich - Still remember the great body of Volkswagen Camper or known as the VW combi? The German car manufacturer is planning to revive a popular car in the era of 50-60s.

VW Design Chief Klaus Bischoff as quotes from Auto Express, on Monday ( 22/11/2010 ), confirmed that his side are currently trying to make a car that is a reincarnation of the VW Bus and VW Camper.

" I'm probably not doing my job correctly at Volkswagen if I do not think to bring back the Camper," he said.

Bischoff also said, once when at the Detroit Motor Show in 2001 it has also been shows concept car named Microbus that are not to be produced because of low demand which in turn makes the cost of production so expensive.

Yet according to some quarters, this car is the latest manifestation of the other named car combi, Dakota, or Barndoor Westfalia. Because that's failure, VW car will redesign their product as the reincarnation of the VW combi.

"The key question is ' what kind of car should we get?" That could be a traditional MPV with an interior that is also a conventional or we create far more daring, more flexible design, versatile machines. Perhaps one of those closer to the original model, but this has not been decided," he explained.

"However, this is too much of Europe, we must work with our design team in California and around the world to help us build a car with a global impact," he said.

That's why the current details about the car is very minimal. But reportedly, the physical form of the prospective successor combi will be shown in 2012.

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