Friday, December 31, 2010

McLaren MP4-12C Cheaper than Ferrari 458

ENGLISH-For lovers of true speed, the McLaren MP4-12C name may be one name long-awaited car.
Because the car with exotic designs and gahar powered machines will be sold more cheaply than pesainganya from Italy, Ferrari 458.
Ferrari 458 cars themselves are quite popular European market, but because the fire continues to be haunted by the problem, at least create opportunities McLaren MP4-12C with its wide open to grab the market.
As quoted from Saturday (27/11), MP4-12C will be sold with prices ranging from USD 265,723 or approximately Rp 2.4 billion in the UK.
According to McLaren, as one of its strategy to grab market in Europe, the MP4-12C will have a price of USD 1500 or about Rp 13 million less expensive than his nearest rival, Ferrari's Italian 458.
MP4-12C is expected to go on sale in the summer in the U.S. with a price of about $ 245,000, after the launch of spring in Europe.
McLaren said that the price for North America, Canada, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South Africa will be confirmed at a later date.
MP4-12C, will be equipped with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine capacity of 3800 cc which has a staff of 592-horsepower.
Cars with the rear-wheel-drive gearbox is equipped with 7-speed dual clutch. 0-200 km / h predicted less than 10 seconds. While 200-0 km / h in under 5 seconds.
Super car will be offered in 17 exterior color choice, including McLaren Orange, the color of the McLaren racing car immortalized by the 1960's and 70's.
According to plan, McLaren MP4-12C will produce as many as 1,000 units in 2011. You interested?

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