Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mercedes Benz Biome Similar to Space Shuttle

Mercedes Benz Biome Similar to Space Shuttle
LA Auto Show enlivened with the presence of several prototype designs futuristic car. Mercedes Benz automotive companies including those introduced in the be run exhibition in Los Angeles, United States, Tuesday (30/11).

According to a spokesman for Mercedes Benz, Mercedes-Benz showcased their Biome that has an aerodynamic design. Similar spacecraft equipped sporty and shaped glass tube. Ornate grille on either side at the front also looks very prominent. Also equipped with the typical Mercedes-Benz emblem in the center. Shades of bright white paint with seating concept of the diamond. This adds an exclusive on the Biome.

Biome designed in German corporate design studio in Carlsbad, California, claimed to be environmentally friendly vehicle that only weighs only 875 pounds or the equivalent of 397 kilograms. You see, the vehicle uses raw materials genetic engineering BioNectar4534 tree. Bio-fiber fabrics were developed from organic plants. This makes the car could emit pure oxygen while running.

Unfortunately, the machines used Biome not been issued. Time to market for cars that are designed seven of the leading designers were also not immediately known. So, if you are interested to have it, just wait on the game. (ADI / Ulf)

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