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Volkswagen (VW) JEtta-Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much can i get a VW Jetta for? are they good cars?
i was looking at getting a Vr6 Jetta (was hoping a year 2000+ model) are they fun, fast cars like i hear? hows insurance on them and can i get one for under 4000

A: If you want one for under $4000 you need to find a 12v vr6, the 24v came in the later part of the Mk4 generation. Better idea, get a Mk3 with the vr6. Car and Driver tested it at 6.9s 0-60 with the 5 spd and top speed is drag limited to 138mph. Any VW you get will need a little more love than you average car. Engine repairs on a vr6 are not know for being cheap.

Here's what you should do in my opinion.

1. Find a Mk3 Vr6 with less than 140k and the chains done. Make sure to check the strut and shock towers, wheel wells, floors, and under the gas door for rust. If it has the side skirts on request the owner take them off because they trap dirt and moisture. Don't worry if the check engine light (just get the codes pulled), airbag light (most likely the clock spring in the steering wheel is broken), or the ABS light (working ABS in a Mk3 is rare). Also don't expect the cruise to work. Lastly check and make sure reverse isn't clicking and that it stays in gear while accelerating (chipped gear tooth(really bad)/ broken linkage (not so bad))

2. Pay as close to $3000 as you can if everything checks out.

3. Spend the rest of your money performing any maintenance the car needs.

In the end you'll have spent $4000 and will have a much more reliable car than the $4000 Mk4.
Have a 1997 Jetta Vr6


Q : 1995 Jetta turn signal problem!!?
I have replaced the bulbs, flasher relay, checked the fuse under the dash and now replaced the signal stalk and the turn signals and hazards still don't work. I originally ran into the problem of a double speed blinking signal and without knowing it meant a bulb failure, changed out the flasher relay. When I changed out the relay I did so while it was in use (blinking) and think I may have blown a hidden fuse or shorted something out. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could do to get them working again as I can't drive the car without signals!

A : Check the fuses again. Also, if its the type of bulb that has the running light and signal built in one; make sure the bulb isn't in wrong. It's easy to put in wrong. Make sure it's the right type of bulb: double filament as appose to single filament or Viceversa.


Q : My jetta bumper came unhooked on the left side?!!?!?
two days ago i was pulling out of a driveway and i scraped and the bumper came unhooked to the car, it isnt fully off but its like kinda hanging just on the left side in the front. i dont know what to do or why it did that? should i drive? is it safe? help! do all jettas do that?

A : Try pushing it gently back in place against a telephone pole.
But very lightly.
Careful if the airbag deploys.
And you don't want to harm the pole.
Have someone outside watching to tell you when to stop.
If it takes too much pressure, then stop.
If there are bolts and screws that came off, you may have to put them back on with larger washers or something.

All cars do that. They have a thin plastic shell over the rear bumper, and that is suspended on shock absorbers.


Q : How to install jetta euro light switch?
I have a 2002 jetta 1.8t and I hate that the DRLs (daytime running lights) are always on.
I read about a switch you can put in and have them turned off during the day how do you install that or does it just plug straight in?
Or can you just re-wire it to make the DRLs not go?

A : you don't need a euroswitch to disable the DRLs. You can disable the DRL on the stock switch also.

To do so:
1. Turn switch to off
2. Push knob in until it sinks in, then turn to right.
3. Pull switch out.
4. Remove electrical connector.
5. Locate "TFL" pin on the switch (stock or Euro)
6. Bend the pin down on the switch
7. Installation is reverse of removal.

A2 : Not sure about the Mk4 switch but in my Mk3 it is basically plug and play, although to make a euro switch worth it you probably should go ahead and order a set of ecodes and rear fog kit.


Q : Should we get an extended warranty on my 2007 VW JEtta?
It has 41,000 miles on it and runs well, I just bought it used a month ago and the factory warranty is over this month. It makes a funny "knocking" noise (not loud) sometimes sounding like it comes from the driver side dash. Should I get an extended warranty? Do VW service shop do a complimentary checkup?

A : that's up to you, some say yes that it pays but some say no that it does not pay. You have to keep in mind extended warranty's do not cover everything so check with the dealer on what is and is not covered before you choose to get it.

A2 : How do you have rod knock on a 40k car? Actually I know...but I'm trying to figure out why you got this car without getting it inspected by a mechanic when it's obvious the previous owner drove it with nearly no oil in the crankcase...

VW/Audi doesn't do anything complimentary...they probably charge their customers to use the bathroom in their dealerships. Extended warranties won't cover driver abuse and most other situations. They're basically a scam.

A3: Never buy an extended warranty.

You will have to pay much more than it could possibly be worth, just to maintain it.
That is because when it does break, you will have to then have them fix it, and warranty may not cover it all. It may only cover the parts, and they can argue it is your fault some how.

How much a month in warranty would you end up paying, vs the most they could do for you?
For example, suppose the engine were to blow?
You can get an engine out of a wreck, installed, for under $1500.
So then why bother with a warranty.
It is not going to cover things like "knocking" noise coming from the dash board.

What you need to do is find an independent, who has his own fleet of parts cars.


Q : Opinions on 1996 Jetta GL?
I just totaled my car and need a new one. I commute 20plus miles each way to work four times per week. I am looking for something cheap and reliable. I can get a 1996 Jetta GL with 122,000 miles for about $2500. Good deal or money pit?

A : I have a '95 and love the car! It drives nice for a FWD car and handles extremely well! (I also have a 5.0 Mustang and a 2010 STI for comparison) One thing to watch out for is electrical problems. I am currently in turn signal hell with mines and can't seem to figure why they don't work. The problem was caused by me though and I have about 200,000 on mines with plenty of life left in it!

Things to watch for:
-When the timing belt was last changed
-Transmission slipping
-Other electrical problems

Other than that get them down to $2000 if you can!
Hope this helps!

A2: Look for: Rust (wheel wells, strut and shock towers, floor, behind license plate tub, behind gas door) - Some is ok
Timing belt should have been done already. - If not offer $2k
Reverse (put it in reverse listen for a clicking noise, see if it stays in gear) -If Auto don't buy, or if clicking or won't stay in gear don't buy.
If it has power windows check each window make sure they go up and down easily as quickly.
CEL might be on, don't worry too much just have the codes pulled
Airbag light might be on 90% of the time its the clock spring in the steering wheel.
The 2.0 engine is very easy to work on and extremely good on gas. Getting MPGs in the high 30s is not abnormal.


Q : P0170 fuel trim bank 1 malfunction 01 jetta gls 1.8t?
I have an 01 jetta gls turbo & shortly after buying it, my check engine light came on. P0170 Fuel trim bank 1 malfunction. After the used car dealer I bought it from looked at it, he replaced the thermostat & turbo free of charge because they were both no good. He thought that this would solve the check engine light issue but after 50 miles the light came back on & he is stumped. Does anyone know what this message could possibly be?

A : -

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