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Electric Cars in Beijing Targeted 27 Thousand Units In 2012

Electric Cars in Beijing Targeted 27 Thousand Units In 2012
Electric Car, China,Government's determination Beijing City, People's Republic of China, is indeed exemplary. As the largest city of the country's capital, Beijing in 2012 set a target number of low-and zero-emission cars in the city reached 30 thousand units.
As proclaimed the People's Daily , Tuesday (30/11) of the city government pegged the number of low and non-emission cars, the 27 thousand units of which are pure electric cars. The rest, is a hybrid car technology.
"This is an effective step to reduce the level of pollution from vehicle emissions. For this sector accounted for 70 percent of the level of pollution," I am one of that city officials.
Establish cooperation with car manufacturers, the central government, and several private companies, the Beijing government to make its territory as a pilot project conversion from conventional-fueled cars to electric and hybrid cars.
One of the incentives that organized the city government is subsidizing the purchase of two types of car.
As is known, the Chinese government has provided subsidies for purchase of electric battery and electric and hybrid cars. Amount, 3,000 yuan or about USD 4.1 million for each kilowatt (kW) capacity battery. Thus, when the battery capacity of 10 kW electric car means the buyer will get 300 yuan subsidy, or about USD 41 million.
In addition, the subsidy amounted to 50 thousand yuan, or about USD 68, 58 million are also provided for the purchase of hybrid cars. As for the purchase of electric cars provided subsidy of 60 thousand yuan, or about USD 82.30 million.
Not only that. Beijing municipal government has also set a target build 100 fast docking station, one docking station swaps, and 36 thousand units of plugs for charging the battery.
"Apart from pollution, it is also to reduce dependence on fossil fuels from an increasingly scarce and expensive," said another official.

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