Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honda Make New Electric Car in China

The advent of electric cars in China makes the car manufacturer, Honda serious work on that segment. Honda are now innovating and plans to bring electric cars to four wheel automotive market in China.

As one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Japan, Honda will work with China local car manufacturers Dongfeng Motor and Guangzhou Automobile to make electric cars.

If there is no obstacle that electric cars will be shown early next year as quoted from chinacartimes, Thursday ( 04/21/2011 ). Unfortunately not yet clear in the course of its release.

As reported, the electric car that was driven the Honda was going to be produced in China. Of course, his form would be adjusted to taste of Chinese society.
Honda New Electric Car

Honda and its partners have decided to use spare parts and spare parts are sourced in China instead of importing spare parts from Japan. The goal to reduce the cost of production.

Not yet clear type of battery and electric motor which is used Honda. However, if proven, Honda 's electric car to compete with Toyota electric car, which will also be present in China.

While in the U.S., Honda has plans to produce electric vehicles after in Japan.

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