Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nissan Infiniti-Nissan Hybrid Car Sedan Photos 2011

As one of the luxury car manufacturer that is under the auspices of Nissan Motor Co.., Ltd.. Infiniti always strive to provide innovative products and high tech. M35h Infiniti is one of the newest products, Infiniti Hybrid sedan is Infiniti's first hybrid car that will be marketed in the U.S.
Nissan Hybrid Car
Nissan Hybrid car 2011

Nissan's own hybrid car has previously had the Nissan Altima, but Nissan Altima still uses technology licensed Toyota's technology. While the Infiniti as one of the Nissan Corp. divisa. trying to develop its own hybrid engine, Infiniti M35h using concepts such as hybrid cars Hyundai, Porsche and Volkswagen is a single electric motor located between the engine and automatic transmission in place of a conventional torque converter.

Infiniti M35h will compete with the Lexus GS 450h Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedan market. Infiniti M35h has a capacity of 3.5-liter V6 engine that can generate power of 302 hp plus 50 kW electric motor capable of producing 58 hp, so Infiniti M35h able to generate power of 360 hp, huge power for an environmentally friendly hybrid car.

Nissan Hybrid Car - interior
cook pit

Nissan Hybrid Car - machine flow screen

Nissan Hybrid Car front view

Nissan Hybrid Car - side view

Nissan Hybrid Car photos

Nissan Hybrid Car pict

Nissan Hibrid Car 0

Nissan Hybrid Car 1

Nissan Hybrid Car 2

Nissan Hybrid Car 3

Nissan Hybrid Car

Nissan Hybrid Cars

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