Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nissan Smart Will Launch New Small Car

Detroit:Smart, a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz which produces small cars, will market the five- door small car that uses a platform of small cars made ​​by Nissan Motor. The plan, the small car will be marketed in the United States at the end obey two 2011.

As proclaimed, Thursday ( 7 / 10 ), for purposes of the project has formed a partnership with Mercedes Nissan Motor Company. The car with five seats which claimed that eco-friendly staying digadang can silence the Honda Fit ( Honda Jazz ) in the market Abang Sam 's Affairs.

"Many of our customers who want a bigger car ( from the Smart ForTwo ). Thus, this new car will expand the Smart product, " said Jill Lajdziak, president of Smart USA.

Only, until now, no matter the details of machinery and supporting features. So even with the official price.

However, from the look of new car that is part of the collaboration of Daimler AG - Mercedes -Benz parent - with the Nissan - Nissan Group are likely to use a small car made ​​by Nissan, Micra.

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