Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mazda2 Hatchback Prices Rise Again

After briefly rose at the beginning and middle of this year, the price Mazda2 hatchback again revised.

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia ( MMI ) as the sole agent ( ATPM ) Mazda cars, announced a new official price for all types of Mazda2 in circulation in the country.

Certainly not an exciting announcement to potential consumers, Mazda, given the number of car prices from Sakura Affairs is creeping up.

If when it was first launched in November 2009, the Mazda2 hatchback manual transmission type S Mazda2 released from Rp175 million. Now the price jumped to Rp179 million. Thus was launched a press release received MMI Legal.

Even though with Mazda2 hachback type S automatic, manual R, and R automatic transmission. From the beginning for Rp185 million, Rp193 million and Rp200 million, current prices respectively to Rp189 million, Rp199 million, Rp207 million.

Earlier last increase for the Mazda2 hatchback occurred in May 2010. It was the fourth variant of this car is priced each Rp178 million, Rp188 million, Rp198 million, Rp205 million. Thus the recent gains by MMI for the Mazda2 hatchback range between Rp1 - 2 million.

Mazda2 MZR engine equipped with 1.5, inline - four- cylinder, DOHC 16 - valve tech Sequential Valve Timing ( S - VT ), who claimed to be able to travel a distance of 15.6 km in each liter of fuel consumed.

Car 3.903mm x 1.695mm x dimension for the type S 1.485mm, and 3.913mm x 1695mm x 1478mm for which R is embedded is also embedded safety features like Anti - lock Brake System ( ABS ), Electronic Brake - Force Distribution ( EBD ) and Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption ( MAIDAS ). Source:

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