Saturday, October 9, 2010

Moge BMW Serbu Depok

It seems we do not need to have to go to mat Intermot in Germany to just look at the ranks of big motors from BMW. Because at Margo City Depok, we can see it up close.

Yes, since 1 October 2010, PT Putra Wisana Motorrad, as
distributor of BMW motorcycles displaying its flagship models are also sold in Indonesia.

" We display moge BMW 3 family here, one of GS Enduro, then Superbike and Urban City Bike Roadster, " said assistant marketing director of PT Putra Wisana Motorrad, Grahiano Deru, when met detikOto at Margo City Depok.

In the Enduro family, our eyes will be spoiled by tongkrongan dashing explorer motor F800 GS Enduro, which whitewash black and orange. This motor can you Boyong worth Rp 445 million On The Road.

Still in the family Enduro, but this time with larger capacity, the R1200 GS Enduro, berlabur white, patterned with blue and red lines typical of BMW. Motorcycle touring is cost Rp 585 million On The Road.

Whereas if they do not want to travel all the way, for driving in the city, it seems BMW Roadster Urban City Bike This could be an option and the estimated price of USD 525 million on the road.

Well, now turn to the lovers of motor sport, where the BMW display Superbike RR1000. Dimensions compact with sharp lines and curves, though holding gambot 4 -cylinder engine 1,000 cc. BMW Superbike RR1000 can be bought for USD 425 million On the road.

Still curious because you want to see with my own eyes? please go to Margo City Depok, because the range of BMW motorcycles is going to continue until October 10, 2010 mejeng this.

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